Modern Egypt - People, culture and life in today's Egypt

Egypt Currency
Currency and exchange rate for tourists, currency converter, tipping and shopping in Egypt. The unit for Egypt currency is the pound (EGP; symbol E£) = 100 piastres. Notes are in denominations of E£100, 50, 20, 10, 5, 1, 50 piastres and 25 piastres. Coins are in denominations of 20, 10...

Education in Egypt
Education is highly valued in Egypt and for children between the ages of six and fifteen education in Egypt is free and compulsory. There is still quite a high drop out rate unfortunately, due in part to levels of poverty, and adult literacy levels in Egypt are only around 57.7%. The education system is divided into either the...

Living in Egypt
The majority of international expatriates living and working in Egypt are based in the capital city of Cairo, although growing numbers of expatriates can be found working in Luxor, Alexandria or in Red and Mediterranean Sea resorts for...

Is Egypt Real Estate Sector Really Worth Investing In?
Too right it is! There are so many positive aspects of the property market in Egypt that make the entire sector an exciting place to be right now that anyone serious about venturing into an emerging overseas real estate market should be...

Egyptian people, their culture and race
By far, the majority of the people of Egypt are of Eastern Hamitic stock. Nubians, whose homeland is in the south of the country, Greeks, Armenians other Europeans represent the remainder. Though somewhat simplistic, four...

Jobs in Egypt
The availability of jobs in Egypt is most certainly not an issue especially for English speaking professionals and particularly in fields as diverse as the tourism industry, real estate and construction, teaching, aid work, IT, engineering,...

Life in Modern Egypt
Life in modern Egypt is a study in contrasts, especially in Cairo. Modern skyscrapers, highways, a subway system, hotels, restaurants, advertising and...

Weather and Climate
Egypt weather is generally hot and dry, with hardly any rain or clouds. November through to January are definitely the most comfortable months for Egypt travel. Days are commonly...

The Black Land - The Gift of the Nile
Egypt is the Gift of the Nile, the only place in the world where a river dares to cut across a thousand miles of desert to reach the sea, creating a civilization along its course. The river is literally the lifeline of Egypt. Roads and cities...

Egypt Holidays - Ramadan and Christmas in Egypt
Banks, shops and businesses will close for the following Egypt Holidays (civil, secular). Public transport may run only...

Food in Modern Egypt - Egyptian food and recipes
Spicy and delicious, Egyptian cuisine is a rich and varied blend of Mediterranean and Middle East flavors. Ful medames, or mashed fava beans, is regarded by most egyptians as the national dish, and bread, called eish masri or eish...


Official Name: Arab Republic of Egypt
Capital: Cairo
Government: Republic
Currency: Egyptian pound (EGP) (LE)
Area total: 1,001,450 km2 / land: 995,450 km2 / water: 6,000 km2
Population: 77,505,756 (2005)
Language: Arabic (official), English and French understood by educated people
Religion: Muslim (mostly Sunni) 94%, Coptic Christian and other 6%
Calling Code: 20
Internet TLD: .eg
Time Zone: UTC +2

Source: CIA World Fact Book Egypt

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