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egyptian foodSpicy and delicious, Egyptian cuisine is a rich and varied blend of Mediterranean and Middle East flavors. Ful mudammas, or mashed fava beans, is regarded by most Egyptians as the national dish, and bread, called eish masri or eish baladi, accompanies most meals.

Ancient Egyptians are known to have used a lot of garlic and onion in their everyday dishes. In modern Egypt, fresh mashed garlic with other herbs is used as an speciality of Egyptian cuisine in spicy tomato salad and also stuffed in boiled or baked eggplant. Garlic fried with coriander is added to mulukhiyya, a popular green soup made from finely chopped leaves. Fried onions are added to koushari, a dish consisting of brown lentils, macaroni, rice, chickpeas and a spicy tomato sauce.

Other popular Egypt food dishes include kebab and kofta, usually made of lamb meat, chops & minced meat on skewers grilled on charcoal. Egyptians are famous for stuffing spicy rice in vegetables like green pepper, eggplants, courgettes and tomatoes to make mahshi, rolled in grapevine leaves (mahshi warraq enab) or in cabbage leaves (mahshi koronb).

Shawerma is a popular sandwich of shreded meat or chicken, usually rolled in pita bread with tahini sauce.

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Book food fit for pharaohs

Food fit for Pharaohs: An Ancient Egyptian Cookbook

The Pharaohs Kitchen: Recipes from Ancient Egypts Enduring Food Traditions

Although Ramadan is a month of fasting in Egypt, it is when Egyptians pay special attention to preparing a great variety of dishes, since the whole family would gather on the breakfast table just after sunset. There are several special desserts almost exclusive to Ramadan such as konafa and atayef. In this month, many Egyptians will make a special food table for the poor or passerby, usually in a tent in the street, called Ma'edat Al Rahman which translates literally as Table of God, the Gracious and Merciful.

Christians of Egypt, mainly Copts, observe fasting periods according to the Liturgical Calendar that practically extend to more than two-thirds of the year. The diet is mainly vegetarian. During this fasting, Copts will usually eat vegetables fried in oil as they avoid meat, chicken and dairy products, including butter.

Where can you find real Egypt cuisine?
- In Alexandria: Mohammed Ahmed, Kadura, Zephyrion
- In Cairo: Felfella, Andréa's, Alfi Bey, Samakmak.
- In Luxor: Muhammad Cafeteria, Peace Abuzeid.
- In Aswan: Al-Masry.
- In Sharm El-Sheik: Fish Restaurant.

Eat like an Ancient Egyptian
Any recipes on this site ancient Egyptians might have enjoyed include “Ancient Egyptian” at the end of the recipe title. Click the Recipe Search tab and type “Ancient Egyptian” in the Recipe Search box.

Couscous and Vegetables: You can prepare 4 servings of this recipe within 40 minutes. Couscous and vegetables is easy to prepare and flavorful. Couscous came from grains and bran and it is normally cooked by steaming.

Greek Crostini: This recipe is perfect for 8 persons and you can prepare it in 35 minutes. It is a very flavorful and sumptuous dish inspired by the Greek feta croutons and black olives. This is also one of the easiest recipes to prepare.

Who serves the best street food - the Egyptians or the Turks?: A comparision of Egypt food and Turkish food served in the streets of both countries.

Restaurants in Cairo: Satisfying most edible desires, Cairo, Egypt is home to a never-ending source of eateries. Inexpensive food is always easily accessible everywhere about the streets, as restaurants and snack stalls are all over the place. The highest-rated dining opportunities are most often, but not always situated in hotels and Nile boats.

Ancient Egyptian Food and Drink: When it comes to food and drink in ancient Egypt, both the rich and the poor had a delicious and varied diet. The main crop was grain, wheat for bread, barley for beer, but the ancient Egyptian cultivated vegetables, fruits, and often enjoyed fish and poultry.

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